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Collaborate to Innovate: Building a Flat Army

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Culture is constructed through conversation and circumstance, supported by relationships and trusted networks. Once augmented with collaboration technologies, people surface experiences and ideas across the entire organization resulting in great insights, ideas and iterative approaches. It's time for both leaders and learners to become collaborative. It’s time for a flat army. Join Dan Pontefract, chief envisioner of TELUS, articulate the key components of a flat army organization, leading to a more open and collaborative culture.

Join us to discuss:

  • Connected leader attributes.
  • The participative leader framework.
  • Collaborative technologies.



  • Dan Pontefract
    Dan Pontefract is the head of learning and collaboration at TELUS, where he and the TELUS team instituted a formal, informal and social learning.. →
  • Keywords:
  • collaborative culture
  • leader attributes
  • collaborative technologies
  • Industries:
  • General