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A Simple Tool

Posted by on January 22, 2014 1:34 pm

ImageA Simple Tool

It’s rained more in Atlanta in the last 30 days than in the last 3 years.  One of my dear friends has a wonderful house with a sloped backyard that flattens out at the basement door.  Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve been helping take out wet carpet and the most absorbent carpet pad I’ve ever seen.  Although much of the furniture remained intact, she decided it was time for a furniture upgrade.

Convey has a number of young people working for the company with several of those individuals living on their own for the first time since college.  What you and I might consider furniture cast offs, they consider those cast offs a great way to furnish an empty apartment.  I took two of our young people over to her house and they instantly fell in love with the older Rooms To Go green couch.  A few minutes later, it was strapped down and loaded on the top of my Murano.  Since it was only going a few miles, I considered this would be a simple, quick exercise of getting the couch over and into the first floor of the townhome  - no big deal, right?

Quite a bit of time passed and I started to get worried.  It seemed secure on the roof, but did it slip off?  What was the delay?  They came back and I was on the phone so keys were passed over and I didn’t think any more of it until one of the young men came out of the office and sheepishly let me know the couch had gotten stuck in the front doorway.  Not only could they not get into their townhome, but their neighbor couldn’t get in as well.

I called my very handy husband who loaded all kinds of tools in his car and hurried over.  I envisioned having to hack through the doorframe and all types of disruptive activities to dislodge this wedged-in couch.  He went to his toolbox, pulled out a handy-dandy Philips-head screwdriver and in moments the legs were taken off and the couch slipped inside.

What’s the lesson in all this?  Think before you act?  Call for help and advice?  Don’t force it if it doesn’t fit?  I think all of these lessons are good, but the one I took away was that sometimes all it takes is a simple tool to do the job.  For much of my career, until this year, I’ve been in the conferencing industry.  Conferencing may seem like a simple tool, but sometimes that’s all that is needed to do the job.  It works from every phone, doesn’t require instructions, and doesn’t require any set up.  Dial the phone and you’re in – a simple tool. 

But over conferencing, you can cement business deals, reorganize your company, set sales strategy, and train everyone on the latest product.  Conferencing is that simple tool that gets a lot done.

By the way to the gentlemen who now own the couch, I have more furniture, but if you take it, then let’s think before you act, look before you leap, have a plan and some simple tools to get the stuff through the door!

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