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Virtualization Security: Meeting the Challenge

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Today’s business environments are becoming virtualized, from desktops to servers and beyond. This presents an opportunity for cost-savings, yet challenges how IT solution providers secure their clients’ environments. Traditional endpoint security can’t address the unique issues associated with virtualized environments.

In this webcast, Webroot’s Security Intelligence Director Grayson Milbourne will discuss:

  • Issues with traditional endpoint and agentless security
  • The core features and functionalities best suited for securing virtualized environments
  • Next generation endpoint technology and how it works
  • Recent PassMark performance benchmark analysis for Business Endpoint AV technolog


  • Grayson Milbourne

    Grayson Milbourne is the Security Intelligence Director for Internet security company Webroot. Over the past nine years Milbourne has worked in.. →

  • Keywords:
  • security
  • endpoint technology
  • virtual environments