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Agile Project Management for Learning Projects - LLAMA

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Either by design or by default, your team’s environment and work practices are reflected in the level of service you deliver to clients and customers. New technologies, rising  expectations and shrinking budgets challenge us all to new levels.  How do you keep your project from falling short in delivering on time and in budget when things are constantly changing?

Agile project management is a hands-on practical approach created by the software development industry to keeping up with the ever-increasing speed of change. In this session, we’ll explore how TorranceLearning’s approach to Agile project management (LLAMA*) creates the team ecosystem and project management methods that set the stage for delivering amazing results for your clients (internal or external) and for your team.  We'll take a look at how TorranceLearning has adapted classical Agile techniques to suit the needs of training design & development projects by bringing in elements of tools you already know like ADDIE, SAM, Action Mapping and more. We’ll also talk about how Agile and ADDIE do and don’t work together, and how to use Agile techniques for iterative development to build better training.

Ready to get started? Megan will share tips for successfully introducing Agile to your team, your SMEs, and your clients.

*LLAMA stands for Lot Like Agile Methods Approach and is a blend of classical Agile methods and instructional design & development approaches.