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Building Coachable and Approachable Employees for Training Success

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The world of training is changing. The days of all day workshops and seminars are quickly behind us. Employees need to be developed but there is little time allowed for the old traditional ways. This is where the world is changing and NOW has never been a better time for trainers to build their Value!
This webinar will teach specific ways to develop employees into willing learners that accelerate the training and coaching process.

Join us and discover best practices from seasoned Coaching Strategist Tim Hagen.
Your C-Suite will love you. We will teach foundational principles in training and managing coaching success while demonstrating why both are critically needed.
  • What are the foundational principles
  • Why foundational principles are required to develop targeted skills
  • Why development of the foundational principles will drive coaching and training success
  • How to create coachable and approachable employees
  • How to assess employee’s learning capacity
  • How managers can coach non-coachable and approachable employees into high performers
  • Why coaching is Training’s # 1 Supporter

Employees and managers must share the responsibility for performance development, versus simply saying that this is a training issue alone. This webinar is dedicated to teaching the foundational principles that learners need to become high performers and how trainers and managers can train & coach them.