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Recent surveys reveal that less than 10% of companies rate their ability to continuously improve the close as superior, while more than 70% consider continuous improvement one of their top three priorities for the close. Why this discrepancy?

The constantly evolving nature of the close, along with the unique requirements each company has for close processes, limit the effectiveness of standard process re-engineering methods. Instead, a total solution approach, focusing on continuous improvement provides the best path to success.

Join accounting close expert Gabe Zubizarreta in this webinar and get a total solution approach to close optimization while reviewing the elements required for a successful effort.

 You'll learn:

  • Why the accounting close process is fundamentally different from other processes
  • The elements of a total solution approach to optimizing the close
  • The methodologies available to support close optimization and how to pick an appropriate methodology
  • Current best practices for close optimization
  • What technologies are available to support the process
  • How to create a close optimization strategy
  • How to implement a process improvement plan while lowering risk

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  • closing optimization