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Culture Without Accountability – WTF? What’s The Fix?

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Is lack of accountability limiting your organization's success? Do any of the following "accountability killers" exist in your team?

- Feedback doesn't exist
- Committing to do something, but not following through
- Taking credit for someone else's contribution
- Blaming others
- Hoping someone else will fix the problem

If so, Julie and Brian can help you! In this webinar, they will share "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Accountability". It all starts with strategy. They will discuss:

- The top accountability killers that impact organizations
- How to install an accountability-based culture and make it stick
- How to create a one-page strategy statement
- The benefits of an accountable culture
- The "how to" on feedback
- Their four step process for creating a culture
- How to use the SIS Feedback Process to increase accountability

In 2001, drawing on their respective years of experience in senior global leadership at Motorola, Julie Miller and Brian Bedford joined forces to establish MillerBedford Executive Solutions. MillerBedford helps businesses and organizations improve strategy, culture, and leadership, and their clients actually have fun in the process!