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Leveraging Game-Based Mobile Learning to Anchor Your Organization’s Critical Knowledge

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What knowledge is most critical for your employees to perform at their best? How are you ensuring that this information is “above the noise” and differentiated from other information or training they are bombarded with every day? How do you know if they’re getting the message? And how engaged is your workforce, anyway?

Learning professionals are constantly challenged with the “new normal”:  too much information, faster decision cycles, and decreasing learning engagement indicators.  To increase business results, we need to focus our workforce on the knowledge most critical to their role.

This webinar will demonstrate how to leverage game-based mobile learning to deploy the most critical, “performance-impacting” knowledge to your employees, receive real-time analytics on how well they are assimilating it, and assessing and driving overall employee engagement.

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  • Bryan Austin
    Bryan Austin is the Founder and “Chief Game Changer” of Game On! Learning. Throughout his 25-year career with leading organizations like.. →
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