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Better Learning Outcomes in 2014

Focus Learning On Jobs, Skills and Required Outcomes

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If you have a learning culture and an LMS in your organization, how do you enable your colleagues to find appropriate learning to close skills gaps, accelerate onboarding effectiveness, support career mobility or drive productivity and performance? Your learning and development team is building and sourcing great, instructionally valid content. However, unless this content is mapped to what you need people to do, aligned to your operational goals and defines what good looks like, it’s not going to impact the big ROI numbers such as EBITDA, profit, COG, risk management and customer retention.

There is a path you can take to quickly focus these learning activities and align them to what you need your organization to do. As the year marches on, time to market of development programs is critical to capitalize on their impact.

In this webinar, IBM’s Gordon Ritchie will discuss:

  • The effect of learning on achieving business goals and results.
  • Case studies and research of successful organizations in delivering impactful learning strategies.
  • Five key best practices for a successful learning management program.
  • How a competency-based approach can accelerate learning impact and the ROI of your learning investments targeting your colleagues’ jobs.