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"Small Bites" Learning

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A study by eLearning News suggests that there is an increasing number of workers and employees who learn while on the job. Coupled with smartphones, tablets and laptops, learning and accessing knowledge becomes  "use as you go" or "learn as you work."

This trend is a challenge to trainers, subject matter experts, eLearning designers and developers. With limited and busy schedules, learners must digest the knowledge and learning as quickly as they can and put them into immediate use. The content must therefore be in "small bites," otherwise, the learner wastes time, gets frustrated and the results are not achieved.

In this webinar, Ray Jimenez will cover the following topics: 

  • What are the trends that put extreme on pressure trainers, SMEs, designers, developers and leaders to produce "Small Bites" Learning?
  • What is "Small Bites" Learning and how does it differ from formal and informal learning?
  • Where is "Small Bites" Learning most effective?
  • How do you apply "Small Bites" Learning in compliance, technical, software, people skills, on-boarding and awareness training?
  • What is a proven step to produce "Small Bites"  Learning?
  • How do you calculate the savings of "Small Bites"  Learning?
  • Three case studies will be presented

Attend the webinar and preview demos and examples of "Small Bites" Learning as delivered in performance support, elearning and mobile learning.