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eLearning's New Look: Virtual, Video and More

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Video can enhance retention by 50%, according to Wharton Business School. Meanwhile, exciting new capabilities in virtual learning vastly improve learners’ experience, performance and retention.

Organizations are leveraging new online technologies to offer custom learning paths; immersive learning environments; combined formal and social learning; access to rich content and much more. Learning leaders track learner engagement and behavior, gaining insights that empower them to adjust and improve content real-time.

Join this interactive session with two industry experts to find out how new breakthroughs are transforming the potential and the results of elearning, including case studies on how two leading companies with different situations and goals use two different approaches—one video, one virtual—to optimize their learning programs.

Session learning objectives:

  • Breakthroughs in online technologies that are empowering learning leaders to rethink learning strategies
  • How you can offer custom learning paths, improve the learning experience and track learner behavior, and why you should
  • How you can transform your learning programs using new video and virtual technologies