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Mobile Learning for a Global Workforce

Trends, Cases and Insights

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In the face of increasing competition and an accelerating pace of change, organizations are challenged to find ways to gain a competitive advantage. Time is of the essence and productivity is critical. Organizations must therefore ensure their global workforce can access, absorb and apply new information, and develop new skills and knowledge quickly and efficiently. As a result, the world is going mobile.

With the widespread adoption of mobile devices — from smartphones to tablets to notebooks — the global workforce can communicate and connect, create and share, work and play, and learn anytime and anywhere. Organizations are quickly seizing the opportunity to bring mobile learning solutions to the hands of their global workforce. By offering courses and structured learning experiences on mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops, organizations can now provide essential training to employees wherever they are and on their own schedule.

In this webinar, industry expert Lance Dublin will discuss the current trends in mobile learning, share the latest research and identify key factors in addressing the needs of a global workforce for courses and structured learning experiences delivered on mobile devices. From the experiences of TripAdvisor, Qualcomm and other organizations you will learn important lessons you can apply. And, you will leave this webinar with valuable insights to ensure the success of mobile learning with a global workforce.

This session will:

  • Identify the important trends in mobile learning today.
  • Describe the factors unique to mobile learning for a global workforce.
  • Apply valuable lessons learned from current mobile learning implementations.
  • Define three critical success factors for implementing mobile learning for a global workforce.