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Surviving the Talent Crisis

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our CEO says your company has a skills gap, but can't identify the missing skills. Now what? How do you know what skills you have, which ones you need and where the gap exists? Defining the skills you need and the skills you have is the first step to surviving the talent crisis.

In the 2013 Global CEO Study by PwC, 66 percent of CEOs report the absence of necessary skills as their biggest talent challenge. Accenture also reported in its 2013 Skills Trends survey that CEOs feel talent gaps will directly impact client success.

In this webinar, IBM’s Gordon Ritchie will discuss the critical infrastructure needed to help your organization survive the talent crisis.

The presentation will cover:

  • Why we don't understand what skills make up the gap.
  • How to quantify the importance of understanding the skills gap's impact on revenue, expenses, etc.
  • Why it's critical to have a start and an end to be able to measure a gap.
  • How to transform the gut feel that you have a skills gap into an objective data source.